Customer Testimonials


Hi Rob
We have the equipment, it got here a couple of days ago, it all looks fantastic unbelievable quality thank you so much for all your advice and help on the choosing this setup.
I'm in Sydney and won't be back to Perth for a while so my crew are going to put it all together for me, they are all so excited about using this.

We have struggled for a couple years slinging our 6HP outboard up and down the rail for our dingy. In rough water it was really a challenge! A sailing friend of ours had your Davit on their boat and said it was awesome so I just had to have one. My back, shoulders and wife thank you! It was easy to install on our existing radar pole. Nice and smooth operation with quality construction.
Timeliness, Customer Service. Thank you again for your prompt help.

Hal Smith
When choosing my radar mount for my Bristol 35.5, I decided on the Questus Self-Leveing mount for the backstay. I can say unequivocally that it was a great decision. Not only does the mount work really well, I received tremendous support during the installation from Rob Gorman at Questus. It was so nice to deal with a company that was genuinely interested in my success.