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Questus was established in 1990 when they started making a revolutionary self-leveling radar mount. The original 100G model was patented and Questus continued leading the industry in the self- leveling radar mount market. The products were the first to be mounted on the backstay and then subsequently on a radar pole or the mast. Questus continued developing the products and have since produced the 300G, 400G and 500G models. These self-leveling mounts were designed for both 18” and 24” radomes. The backstay mount was designed to be configured for either forward facing (front of the backstay) or aft facing (aft of the backstay) and was easily configurable. Fast forward 15 years and Questus was still manufacturing and selling both 18” and 24” radar mounts. A majority of the self-leveling radar mounts are the continually refined 400G backstay mount. Questus went through a transition with an added boost in Sales and Marketing and continued to sell the 300G, 400G and 500G radar mounts.

During the transition, Questus saw a need to expand upon the line of products and developed a relationship with Garhauer, a leader in the sailboat marine hardware industry.

Garhauer was making radar poles so it was a logical match for Questus. Through the last few years, Questus has partnered with Garhauer and worked closely with them to sell the full Garhauer line of products.

We have been working together at 8 to 9 tradeshows a year selling both Garhauer Gear and Questus self-leveling radar mounts. Adding to the success of the partnership, we are now upgrading and opening the Garhauer Store to sell you the products directly.

Questus is run by life-long passionate sailors. Weekends and summer evenings you can find us either racing (PHRF or one-design boats) or cruising with these products. The products we regularly use are the same products being offered to you. Our on the water experience with the Garhauer and Questus products is ready to be shared with you.

Garhauer was started by Bill Felgenhauer and Guido Gargiulo in 1970.  Two machinist situated in the center of the Southern California fiberglass sailboat industry began with a few blocks for a single manufacturer.  Garhauer quickly became the supplier of Marine Hardware to many of the boat manufacturers.  The company is still family owned and operated by three generations of Felgenhauers.


Principal of www.GarhauerStore.com is Rob Gorman of Marblehead, MA.

Principals of Garhauer are Bill and Mary Felgenhauer of Upland, CA